The Weekend Guide

dr. martens at opening ceremony!

April golden, April cloudy; gracious, cruel, tender, rowdy.

Dr. Martens at Opening Ceremony

What: Limited-edition, thick-soled brogues to celebrate 50 years for the cult-classic brand.
Why: It’s these or a skipped shower, a 40 of OE, and blaring Nirvana. Your pick.
Where: Online at openingceremony.com.


What: Genius search engine helps you discover new restos, places, people, things to do, etc. by correlating them to what you already love.
Why: One thing leads to another leads to another leads to another.
Where: Online at sortuv.com.

A Turban

What: Composite headwear in stretchy tie-dyed, printed, or solid cotton to bring out the boho in you.
Why: You miss Lilith Fair.
Where: Online at goldsaturn.com.

Where Is My Milk From?

What: Everyone should know from where the sustenance hails. This site gets you smart on your dairy.
Why: Decoding milk stamps has always been at the top of your to-do list.
Where: Online at whereismymilkfrom.com.

Firmly Planted

What: Retro, grassy green Astroturf address numbers that double as kitschy art.
Why: Be on the other side.
Where: Online at aliciasfirmlyplanted.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Dr. Martens