Ecofriendly Earth Day Picks for Kids

4 Ways to Raise Earth Angels

we planted a tree!

1. Tuck them in with We Planted a Tree, a stunning new picture book by Diane Muldrow and Bob Staake. The simple story teaches kids to be mindful of the Earth and its gifts. Big ideas beautifully packaged for little readers.

2. Take a walk and talk. The Green Hour, by Todd Christopher, helps you turn a park or backyard into an eco-classroom. Can’t remember anything you learned in biology? Christopher gives you info to engage your kids without feeling like a dope.

world repair kit!

3. Teach them to make a difference with The World Repair Kit, a box packed with volunteer projects and stories about kids making a difference. Though it’s recommended for do-gooders ages 8 and up, we think it’s a great resource for parents looking for a little Earth Day inspiration.

4. Save a tree, ditch the paper towels. Instead of wiping messy mouths and hands with the disposable variety, make a vow to use (and reuse) a PeopleTowel for a week. Or at least until the whole thing is covered in mac ’n’ cheese.

Eco Kids Gallery!

See, it’s easy to be green.
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Photos: Courtesy of Random House; Courtesy of Serena & Lily; Courtesy of Greeno Bambino