The Weekend Guide

polaroid pic 300 instant camera!

And you’re off!

Polaroid 300 Instant Camera

What: The company admirably puts an end to that mean vanishing act. Instant gratification now comes in sleek red, blue, or black casing with a flash and four aperture settings for $89.
Why: Ten crisp, colorful, credit card-size prints per cartridge are worth 10,000 words.
Where: Online at jr.com.

Bacon Bourbon Caramel Corn

What: We’re pretty certain the sweet fried pork and Kentucky grain alcohol-themed treat pairs well with mint juleps and a wide-brimmed hat. Just a hunch.
Why: Putting $34 of your money on a one-and-a-half-pound bag is no gamble.
Where: Online at saltedcaramel.net.

Steven Alan for Keds

What: The newest designer-for-institution collab is a strong one. Classic summer slip-ons ($68) really perk up when made over with blue ikat on red or white canvas.
Why: Finally, a chance to walk a mile in Mr. Alan’s shoes.
Where: Online (starting Sat.) at stevenalan.com.

Recycled Street Banner Bags

What: Wonderfully sanguine, the pop art-colored shopping totes are constructed out of repurposed flags and streamers that once hung above the streets of Seoul, South Korea.
Why: Each and every double-strapped, interior-pocketed bag is a $19 one-of-a-kind joy.
Where: Online at poketo.com.

Off the Floor Now Website

What: High-end model furnishings (sofas, lamps, ottomans, tables, etc.) need real homes after their showroom days end. This site helps you help them help you.
Why: Ridiculously discounted prices trump any character-building nick or blotch easily disguised with a throw.
Where: Online at offthefloornow.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Polaroid