Good Night Story 2.0

readeo online book sharing!

Your little chatterbox gives strangers in Target an earful. But getting him to talk to Grandma on the phone is another story.

Turn the page on a new chapter with Readeo, an online tool that connects two households through a website where they virtually read books to each other. Think of it as Skype meets story hour: You see and “turn” pages of the book, and hear and watch sweet Aunt Betty as she recites it.

After initial setup, it’s a snap to navigate. Approach the site as you would Facebook, creating an account and linking with people you know. When the reader and audience are online at the same time, they can initiate a chat and pull from a digital library of 50-plus titles for ages newborn to 8 years. Choices — everything from The Racecar Alphabet to Lines That Wiggle — were picked by a children’s book critic to educate as well as entertain.

Memberships are just $10 a month, and only one household of the two participating has to be a member for things to work. The seven-day free trial should get even your most technology-shy grandparents talking.

Available online at readeo.com.