Let's Hear It for the Moms

mommy bloggers for mother's day!

Millennial moms and blogging go together like muffin tops and toddlers. In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re setting you up with a fresh batch — of mom bloggers, not muffins.

We asked one of our new must-reads, Cooking with My Kid’s Rebecca Coleman, to name her fave; then we asked that one for hers; and so on, until we found ourselves circling the globe.

Cooking with My Kid
What It’s About: L.A.-based Coleman attempts to make 365 recipes in 365 days with her son, Gus, playing sous chef and her newborn (!), Dove, watching on.
Why You’ll Heart It: Coleman loves chow but is no food snob. The evidence? She uses store-bought pancake mix and coats chicken nuggets in Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers to delicious effect.
The Blog She Loves: Prudent Advice, by Jaime Morrison Curtis.

Prudent Advice
What It’s About: Curtis channeled her initial postpartum anxiety (damn hormones) into a collection of poetry, art, and wisdom for her now 2-year-old daughter, Scarlet. She also gets crafty on her other blog, Prudent Baby.
Why You’ll Heart It: It’s wise advice you’ll take to heart no matter your age. Preorder her upcoming book for a little “you” love.
The Blog She Loves: Ish & Chi, by Vivian Mansour.

Ish & Chi
What It’s About: Sydney-based Mansour started blogging while renovating her home and putting together a nursery for her son, Robert. It’s grown into a collection of DIY projects, before and afters, and a study in good taste.
Why You’ll Heart It: Fashion Fridays and her Etsy shop.
The Blog She Loves: The Happy Home, by fellow Aussie Belinda Graham.

The Happy Home
What It’s About: Graham, a former editor at Australian interiors mag Real Living and mom of Zak and Layla, documents her home renovation and decoration.
Why You’ll Heart It:
Project ideas, design inspiration, and great finds presented with an editorial eye.
The Blog She Loves: Fryd + Design, by Jeanette Lunde.

Fryd +Design
What It’s About:
Lunde’s blog is like a visit with an old friend. The Norwegian mom of two covers everything from interiors, meals, and, of course, kids Mathea (6½) and Alma (almost 1) in a clean, crisp, uncluttered way.
Why You’ll Heart It: Simple prose lets the images speak for themselves.
The Blogs She Loves: Bloesem and Bloesem Kids, by Irene Hoofs.

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