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A DIY Craft Project from Charlotte Macey

Make Your Own Lavender Sachet

diy lavender sachet craft project!

Cotswolds-based textiles designer Charlotte Macey won our hearts with her quirky handmade egg cosies and tea towels. She’ll win yours, too, with this couldn’t-be-easier lavender sachet DIY project — no crafting experience required.

You’ll need:
Handful of lavender
An old shirt or patch of fabric
Needle and thread
1 cute button
1 pretty ribbon
Piece of card approximately 15 cm by 10 cm
Pinking shears

1. Pick a handful of lavender from the park (don’t get caught, and don’t blame us if you do), bunch it together and hang it upside down to dry in a cool, dark place for a week. Once it’s dry, remove the buds with your hand.

2. Make a heart-shaped template approximately 9.5 cm wide and 13.5 cm high using a piece of folded card. Trace around the template onto two pieces of fabric, then cut with pinking shears. Sew button onto the middle of one.

3. Lay one heart piece on top of the other and loop ribbon in between to create a hook (any length you like), then pin it all together.

4. Sew around the heart, approximately 0.5 cm in from the edge, leaving a 4 cm gap on one of the long sides of the heart. Remove pins.

5. Fill with the dried lavender buds and sew the last few centimetres of your heart to seal it up.

6. Hang your creation inside your wardrobe to keep hungry moths away from winter clothes or place it under your pillow for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Charlotte Macey Textiles (07890 642454 or charlottemacey.co.uk).

Photo: Courtesy of Charlotte Macey