The Weekend Guide

jadaandjon mozzie sandals!

Add some rum to the rumble.

JadaandJon Mozzie Sandals

What: The punky-chic gems are handmade from supple leather (in olive or black) with pyramid-studded ankle cuffs and finished with ironic hot-stamped mosquitoes on the bottom of each sole.
Why: For each pair sold, a lifesaving mosquito net gets donated to a malaria-stricken country in Africa, which makes the $280 price tag a little easier to live with.
Where: Online at lalalandvintageclothing.com.

My Mixed Nuts

What: Blend and title your own perfect trail mix ($3-$26) and spend less time picking out the nasty bits. Plus, almost all of the ingredients (goji berries, pistachios, sunflower seeds, etc.) are raw and organic.
Why: No one will judge your chocolate pretzel/jelly bean/dried cherry concoction.
Where: Online at mymixednuts.com.

Gilbert & Lewis

What: This one’s for the boys — specifically, thin, preppy boys. Wonderfully detailed madras shirts (slim collars, reinforced gussets, flat-felled seams) paired with rolled shorts in twill, chambray, or tropical-weight wool.
Why: The spring collection ($30-$295) was fit for the Japanese market, meaning the slim-fitting pieces are tailored enough for you to steal, er, borrow.
Where: Online at gilbertandlewis.com.

Timex Rainbow Watch
Checking the clock can be a downer (4 a.m., can’t sleep; 4 p.m., two more hours of work; midnight, turn into a pumpkin). Brighten up the act with macaw-colored plastic tickers ($50).
Why: Bells and whistles include a stopwatch, alarm, water-resistant casing, and the date.
Where: Online at bloomingdales.com.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Bubbles

What: Just like pinatas, moon shoes, and gummy bears, bubbles ($18) join the parade of classic kids’ wares refashioned for the adult in you.
Why: When this one bursts, at least you’ll smell of pear, freshly cut herbs, or mint.
Where: Online at bergdorfgoodman.com.

Photo: Courtesy of JadaandJon Mozzie Sandals