Road Test: Strollers

baby jogger city select stroller!

Every year, when the new buggies start scooping the neighborhood loop, we get a serious case of stroller envy. To separate function from flash, we took four of the most eye-catching rides for a real-world test drive.

Baby Jogger City Select
Nuts & Bolts: A stroller (starting at $499) you can customize into sixteen(!) different configurations for both single and double riders. Think single seat, bassinet and seat, two car seats — the list is practically endless.
Schlep Factor: 28 pounds with one seat.
Who’ll Love It:
Anyone with two under 2, twins, or considering babes in quick succession.
What Works:
The narrow doubles footprint makes it easy to navigate — especially for city moms going in and out of shops. An oversize basket is big enough to carry everything you need for two.
What We’d Change: We wish it would break down with the doubles seat still attached.

micralite fastfold superlite stroller!

Micralite Fastfold Superlite
Nuts & Bolts: All the bells and whistles of a big stroller (reclining seat, rear pneumatic tires, swivel front wheels, car seat and bassinet attachments) in an umbrella-size package ($320).
Schlep Factor: Fourteen pounds.
Who’ll Love It: Parents who’ve had it with the full-size stroller.
What Works: The sleek design. It crushes bumps in the road even though it weighs next to nothing. Plus, the single-handed (really!) fold into an upright position makes it perfect for cramped entryways.
What We’d Change: The undercarriage basket is a bit small and awkward.

bugaboo bee stroller!

Bugaboo Bee
Nuts & Bolts: The Bugaboo team took feedback to heart, and it shows. The new version of the lightweight stroller ($649) is worthy of its buzz. 
Schlep Factor: Eighteen and a half pounds.
Who’ll Love It: Fans of the brand who want something smaller and easier to store than the Cameleon or Frog.
What Works: The adjustable backrest and roomier seat make it doable for infants to toddlers. Plus, an adjustable handlebar that grows with the pilot makes handling a breeze for tall and short alike.
What We’d Change: The price tag — new and improved come at cost.

valco baby ion stroller!

Valco Baby Ion
Nuts & Bolts: A futuristic, pod-like design gives this stroller ($400) an extra-roomy seat and spacious under basket.
Schlep Factor: Eighteen pounds.
Who’ll Love It: Parents who aren’t hung up on name recognition.
What Works: The unlimited recline makes it easy for baby to sit up or lie flat. A one-twist folding system has the stroller ready to store in an instant, and an expandable sunshade provides unparalleled coverage without making baby feel closed in.
What We’d Change: Although the chassis is made from a lightweight aluminum, the rest of the finishes feel less than luxe.

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Photos: Courtesy of Baby Jogger; Courtesy of Micralite; Courtesy of Bugaboo; Courtesy of Valco Baby; Courtesy of Cloud B