Rain or Shine, This Story Delivers

abe's peanut postcard story!

Give them a Fisher-Price rotary toy phone, and you get blank stares. Show them postage stamps, and they think they’re stickers.

You know how this story ends, right? Not so fast, thanks to Abe’s Peanut, a kid-friendly postcard serial that arrives at your house via snail mail.

A combination of illustrations, drawings, or paintings with prose or poetry, each issue features a collaboration between a different artist and author. Week by week, postcard by postcard, the stories unfold.

Sisters Anna and Tess Knoebel launched the adult version, Abe’s Penny, last year to much acclaim and figured if big kids loved getting mail, little ones would dig it even more. Expect to see established childrens’ artists and authors mixed in with those who normally create for Mom and Dad.

The Knoebels see each postcard as a teaching tool encouraging minis to engage in the writing, reading, and learning that come from sending mail. And they get to make friends with the postman.

Available online at abespeanut.com, $48 for six months’ worth.