The Weekend Guide

little oven macarons!

If this week were an opera, these would be the high notes.

Little Oven Macarons

What: The luxe mini cookies ($20 for a dozen) rethought. Flavors like white peach and apricot, caramel fleur de sel, and passion fruit are like showering outdoors: familiar yet satisfyingly different.
Why: The NYC-based bakery isn’t held back by its tiny oven.
Where: Online at littleoven.com.

Lush Colour Supplements

What: Multipurpose maquillage ($14) works as concealer, foundation, and tinted moisturizer. Ingredients like rose petal extract and soya and rice bran oils keep skin healthy and creamy.
Why: A sticker on the bottom tells you when your pot was filled, when you should throw it out, and has a cartoon avatar of its maker.
Where: Online at lushusa.com.

Beatrice Holiday Bike Accessories

What: Loud and delightfully garish vintage upholstery fabrics sneak their way into the present. BH uses them to make the best seat covers ($28) and handlebar bags ($84) this side of 1980.
Why: We’re behind anything that comes in sizes small, large, and banana.
Where: Online at beatriceholiday.com.

Consumer Reports Mobile
What: The trustworthy source for all things buyable now has a mobile service ($1 per day). Next time your head is spinning in front of the shiny new flat screens at Best Buy, this will talk you down.
Why: Polls, user reviews, and side-by-side comparisons eliminate your need for the returns department.
Where: Online at consumerreports.org.

What the F*#$ Should I Make for Dinner 

What: Frank and pleasingly direct, the website takes the wishy-washiness out of meal planning with randomly generated recipes and at least three f-bombs per page view.
Why: You think this is rude? Reheating pizza rolls five nights a week, that’s rude.
Where: Online at whatthefuckshouldimakefordinner.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Little Oven