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Shenan Clothing Debuts

shenan clothing!

We’ve been struggling with a summer fashion math problem: If A is harem pants, B is cropped tops, and C is how to wear them, then what is C? So far we’ve come up with WTF.

Let’s just copy off Shenan Fraguadas. The NYC-raised, Greenpoint-based designer solves the equation by pairing A and B.

Scary, we know, but these two puzzling trends become the perfect summer outfit under her tutelage. When worn with the slightly high-rise harem pants, those flattering silk tanks don’t reveal even a slice of tummy.

Fraguadas hates remainders, so she designs effortless pieces that avoid trash-destined flash-trends and can be mixed and matched. Throw the green silk military blazer over a tank and you’re ready for work. On weekends, pull on one of the incredibly soft hand-shredded tees with a pair of shorts.

Production is kept small, local, and therefore less expensive ($80-$150 for tops, skirts, and pants; $225-$300 for dresses and jackets), which allows Fraguadas to solve another of our arithmetic issues: Balancing the checkbook.

Available at Thistle & Clover, 221 DeKalb Avenue, between Adelphi Street and Clermont Avenue (718-855-5577 or thistleclover.com); online at shenan.bigcartel.com.

Meet Shenan at Kings County General Store on Sunday, noon-5 p.m. She’ll be selling one-of-a-kind hand-dyed shredded tees and other items.

Photos: Albert Song 

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