ShopTalk: Go Outside and Play

Enough with the indoor voices!

instant beach ball! Have a Ball
Shove a portable instant beach ball ($8) from Fred Flare into your bag before you head out the door; keep another in your car. That way, silly fun is always within arm’s reach.
tepee! Gimme Shelter
Everyone can use a night out of the house. Make a fire, gaze at the stars, and take shelter in a canvas tepee ($2,200) from Design Within Reach.
bodum grill! Fire on the Go
The Fyrkat charcoal grill ($50) from Bodum is portable, functional, and, frankly, cute. Make sure to invite it to your next tailgating party, camping adventure, or backyard barbecue.
polk audio! Blast It
A puny boom box can’t fill up the great outdoors like Polk Audio’s Atrium Sat30 speakers ($150 each) and Atrium Sub10 subwoofer ($300).
lunch box! Dine and Stash
A tisket, a tasket, trade in your picnic basket for this tiffin-style melamine lunch box ($59). Its four stackable compartments keep food separated for instant alfresco dining.

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