Say It Again, Crayon

eco stars recycled crayons!

This, friends, is a story of second chances.

It begins with 53,000 pounds of discarded, unwanted crayon remnants — bits of Carnation Pink, Maize, and Red Violet that were destined for landfills until schools and students drew a line and said, “Enough!” And instead sent those coloring sticks on to the National Crayon Recycle Program.

But it doesn’t end there: Miss Brittany’s Organic Preschool saw an opportunity in the cheerful, nontoxic castoffs — and thus, Eco Stars were born.

The raw materials are melted down and shaped into five-point, star-shaped crayons. Each box is filled with twenty solid-colored stars, or as Miss Brittany likes to say, “100 points of color.” And there they are — ready and willing to create a more beautiful tomorrow.

Available online at organicfundough.com, $9.

Photos: Courtesy of Miss Brittany’s Organic Preschool