The Weekend Guide

sassy psychic!

Memories, turn your face to the sunlight.

Sassy Psychic

What: The anti-Miss Cleo Ally Mead uses a full arsenal of metaphysical skills (astrology, tarot, clairvoyance/audience, etc.) to give you straightforward answers, insight, and advice.
Why: No locks of hair or Ouija boards required. Use code TWINS for buy-one-get-one-free e-mail readings.
Where: Online at sassypsychic.com.

Seventh Wonderland Swimwear
The Aussie duo’s sophomore collection derails the trend toward beach volleyball-uniformish suits. Well structured and fanciful, the bikinis and one-pieces ($182-$230) are as suitable at festivals and parties (with shorts, thanks) as they are in the sand.
Why: We think the Ruby, a black floral onesie with a bit of white crochet at the bust, matches our sangria just fine.
Where: Online at inventorynyc.com.

Joyful Bath Co. Tub Salts

What: Call Mediterranean and Dead Sea salts, hand-mixed with essential oils (lavender, eucalyptus, pink grapefruit) and natural goodies (buttermilk, coconut milk, ginger root, oats), for a good bath time.
Why: Dry and cracked skin does not a bikini-ready body make. Soak up, crocodile.
Where: Online at joyfulbathco.com.

Cabin 7 Gilded Blocks

What: Vintage wooden letters ($7-$8) flashed with gold leaf and turquoise paint. Initials are a good start, but “member,” “nugget,” or “girls” really hammers the point home.
Why: Gilded cardholders ($38-$44) cut from white birch branch cross sections make a nice consolation prize if you miss out on the small supply of letters.
Where: Online at shopcabin7.com.

One Lucky Duck Snacks

What: The NYC-based health expert’s blonde macaroons, grawnola, and rosemary quackers ($14-$17) prove the normally off-putting trinity of raw, vegan, and organic delicious.
Why: Eat hippie food for peaceful digestion.
Where: Online at oneluckyduck.com.

Photo: Smithsonian Institution / Flickr