The Weekend Guide

before you were hot!

Dr. Ruth turns 81 this weekend. Make it a sexy one.

Before You Were Hot
What: Submit a vintage pic of yourself, tell its sad story, then reassure the public you turned out alright with a current glamour shot.
Why: Make peace with your awkward years.
Where: Online at beforeyouwerehot.com.

In the Mood Nail Polish

What: Heat-sensitive, double-hued lacquers ($8) that would make a chameleon proud. Blue magically goes green, purple heats to pink, and poppy red mellows to melon.
Why: Have fun with the frigid office/smoldering outside conundrum.
Where: Online at themoodpolish.com.

Toilets of the World

What: Humorous and weirdly informative, this coffee-table bathroom book ($12) features commodes the world over.
Why: Sorry, death. Whether you sit, squat, or stand, it is the unifying human experience.
Where: Online at amazon.com.

CupcakeStop Treats

What: We went after these confections ($55 per dozen) like a pack of hyenas over a gazelle. Nationwide shipping means you can get in on the frenzy.
Why: Red velvet, vanilla, Mexican chocolate, and cappuccino cakes star; cream cheese, Oreo-flecked vanilla, peanut butter, and mocha icings steal the show.
Where: Online at cupcakestop.com.

The Rumpus Book Club
What: One unreleased book (Citrus County, by John Brandon, is up for June) arrives at your doorstep every month ($25 per month) — picks curated by the culture e-mag. Plus, online discussions let you chat with fellow bookies and the author.
Why: Show how well you write. The best member-generated review is published online each month.
Where: Online at therumpus.net.

Photo: Kaaren Blumberg