The Weekend Guide

deck towel!

And it goes a little something like this: Kick it.

Deck Towel

What: Handmade Italian linens ($40-$80) are big enough for a full spread-eagle sprawl. Pick from faded stripes or saturated solids evocative of the lazy summer we plan to have.
Why: It might be Buck (recent Columbia grad who makes them) or the thought of an evening spent listening to cicadas, but there’s just something romantic about soft linen and warm months.
Where: Online at decktowel.com.

Veronica Brett Breast Cancer Survivor Swimsuits

What: Knockout bandeau, halter, and wrap one-pieces ($198) in red or black. Higher-cut legs, sexy backs, and lower necklines veer safely away from the black hole that is mastectomy swimwear.
Why: You’re all about playing the hand you’ve been dealt, but a hibiscus-printed, skirted tank just isn’t in the cards.
Where: Online at veronicabrett.com.

Narwhal Co. Passport Covers

What: Cradle your pond-hopping credentials in a lined sleeve ($24) made from reworked neckties. We prefer the louder patterns (Cochabamba, Porto Alegre) that won’t disappear in your ten-gallon travel “purse.”
Why: In this case, severing old ties is a good thing.
Where: Online at narwhalcompany.com.

World Cup Happy Socks

What: Hooligan-chic, national-themed stockings ($14) show team pride without the risk of being red-carded by the fashion refs. (We’re looking at you, Ronaldo jersey dress.)
Why: Tell those other countries to sock it.
Where: Online at happysocks.com.

Naturally Nora Brownie Mixes

What: Potassium sorbate and dicalcium phosphate sound appetizing? Cut the artificial crap for munchie-curing cocoa treats ($16) with all-natural ingredients you can pronounce.
Why: The original and double fudge are worth every point.
Where: Online at amazon.com.

Photo: Nicola Kast