This Ain't No Croc

Custom, Handmade Clogs from Maguba Shoes

maguba shoes custom swedish clogs!

Right now in Fashionland, clogs are having a height-of-chic moment. Over here in Realityville, finding a pair that doesn’t look like somebody’s mom’s gardening shoes is a tricky undertaking.

So thank the cobbling gods for Maguba’s kicks, which combine traditional design and carnival-worthy hues without perverting the classic Scandinavian style.

If you lack time or vision, the line’s premade clogs are spicy, but the real fun lies in creating a custom pair. Start by choosing from four basic styles: traditional closed-toe slides with low or high heels (Visby and Stockholm), or ankle-strapped, peep-toe sandals with braided or solid uppers (Barcelona and Bologna). Mix and match natural and painted wooden soles with cheerful solid, patent, printed, and metallic leather straps until you achieve your desired look.

Maguba’s family-owned factory in Sweden pumps out the foot soldiers in two to three weeks using ecofriendly production methods it has perfected over the past 100 years. That beats a fashion moment any day.

Available online at
maguba.com, $123 -$147.

Photo: Courtesy of Maguba

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