The Big Kid Bed Made Easy

peekoo bedding kids!

Transitioning to a big kid bed is the toddler equivalent of winning the lottery. Anything you want (hello, Elmo!), anytime time you want it (even 3 a.m.).

But along with big-boy privileges come grown-up responsibilities (hospital corners, for one). Which is why we think PeeKoo toddler bedding may have this one made.

PeeKoo eliminates the traditional top sheet, instead opting for a duvet cover with an attached zip-on/zip-off sheet. Simply slip the combo on over the filler: no loose sheets for toes to tangle with at night, no lost sheets to fish for in the morning. When the bed is made and the duvet folded back, it gives the appearance of a perfectly appointed bed.

Best part: When it’s time to clean, just unzip the “top sheet” and toss it in the wash. Once it’s dry, zip it back on — no messing with the duvet cover. Choose from over a dozen designs (for boys and girls) in twin and full sizes. Every last one a sweet dream.

Available online at peekoobedding.com, $100-$150.

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Photos: Courtesy of PeeKoo, Courtesy of Ouchies