Sex Appeal That Doesn't Edge into Vulgar Territory

Haiiku's Modern Clothing

haiiku dresses!

Ladies, we applaud you for heeding the call of J. Tims and bringing sexy back. But those microshorts, monokinis, and unitards? No one wants to see that flesh parade.

Leave something to the imagination with Haiiku, Iris Taborsky-Tasa’s subtle-yet-seductive collection, produced in Vancouver using natural and postproduction fabrics.

The Canadian designer’s modern, architecturally inspired pieces play a sensual game of hide-and-seek: Simple jersey tees have latticework openings; the seemingly virginal white frock has a triangular cutout panel; a backless dress has wham-bam exit appeal, were it not for a hood that (when not draped over the head) elegantly swags across the shoulder blades like a chaste shrug.

Confidence is key to being a successful flirt, so Taborsky-Tasa sticks to a simple, neutral palette and adds comfort-inducing details, like pockets and just-above-the-knee hemlines. Now get to strutting.

Available online at haiiku.bigcartel.com, $115-$295. To see styles, go to haiiku.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Haiiku