A DIY Fourth of July Design

diy tugboat printshop!

Like any proud U.S. citizen, we plan to celebrate our extended weekend with an ice-cold brew in one hand and kick-ass grilling Sportula in the other. But to really show our patriotic colors? A DIY flag-bearing, tricornered hat it is.

Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth, the husband-and-wife duo behind Pittsburgh’s Tugboat Printshop, whipped up the star-spangled design. Click the link to find the drawing (set your printer to landscape), along with some easy-to-follow, kindergarten-approved directions (think scissors, tape, and glue).

In just minutes, you’ll be the proud owner of a snazzy Independence Day topper.

Subtle, it’s not. We’re Americans after all.

To check out Tugboat Printshop’s eye-popping, woodcut wonders, go to tugboatprintshop.com.

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Photo: James Carrillo