The Weekend Guide

4th of july online finds!

Show respect where respect is due.

Hip Hooray Garlands

What: Classic patriotic triangle flags ($10) gone green. Recycled high-density fibers and water-based inks make them durable enough to string up Fourth after Fourth.
Why: They’re impervious to celebratory liquids (bubbly, water) and come in color schemes for the other 364 days.
Where: Online at hip-hooray.com.

Sprout Watches

What: Round-face timepieces ($24) say, “I’m casual, but I still care about promptness.” Ecofriendly materials (corn resin casing, bamboo dials, and organic cotton straps) speak for themselves.
Why: When its time is up, toss it in the compost pile — 86 percent biodegrades within a year.
Where: Online at amazon.com.

Effie’s Homemade Oatcakes

What: The all-purpose biscuits ($36 for six packs) may not look special, but their spectacular buttery, sweet, oaty taste proves first impressions lie.
Why: Treats that pair equally well with sharp cheddar, ice cream, or sherry are like hitting the cracker jackpot.
Where: Online at effieshomemade.com.


What: When you tell mooches, gossips, or snobs they’re terrible, it creates a hole. When you give them cheeky presents that endearingly make your point, it makes your relationship whole.
Why: Subtle, modest, and lavish packs ($15-$35) of moralistic books and knickknacks cover varying degrees of personality flaws, annoying habits, and hygiene issues.
Where: Online at gift-a-hint.com.

A-Morir by Kerin.Rose Bootsy Sunglasses
What: Monster shades ($275) from the darling of outrageous eyewear. Rims studded with iridescent, black, or brown pyramid crystals and rhinestones are perfectly cast for Vegas circa 1974 and you circa now.
Why: This is America. Go big or go home.
Where: Online at store.a-morir.com.

Photo: Steve Rhodes / Flickr