Four Ways to Make a Boo-Boo Feel Better

medibag first aid!

May the drama of a stubbed toe be the worst of your emergencies.

But in case it’s not, better to be prepared than panicked.

Four of our favorite ways to help you help them.

Medibag 4 Kids
All of your first aid must-haves (antibiotic ointments, burn gel, application swabs), plus kid-friendly bandages and smiley face stickers conveniently stashed in one place. Bonus: The recycled plastic doctor’s kit looks more playroom than emergency room, so it helps calm fears ($20).

imok bandages!Mini First Aid I’m Okay Set
Perfect for minor scrapes and scratches, each set (choose from orange bear, blue pirate, pink princess, or green cross) includes 24 bandages, six nonsting antiseptic swabs, and a pocket case to carry them both (and toss right into your diaper bag). We keep the included cold pack in the freezer — just in case ($14).

ouch pouch!Ouch Pouch
Moms who have their own stash of emergency supplies can pack them in an Ouch Pouch. Available in different styles and sizes (including one specifically designed for Epi pens), the clear front pockets make it easy to see what you’ve got and what you need to restock ($6-$13).

cavity fighting lollies!CariFree Xyli-Tots Lollies
A lollipop makes an owie feel better. And a sucker that’s good for kids makes a parent feel great. Each of these sugar-free pops contains a half gram of xylitol, which helps fight tooth decay and keep cavities away ($13 for 24).

All better.

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Photos: Courtesy of Medibag 4 Kidz; Courtesy of Mini First Aid; Courtesy of Karen Kellington / Ouch Pouch; Courtesy of CariFree; Courtesy of Belly Dance Maternity