We Scream

Recently, we put 31 of the newest and best small-batch, artisanal ice cream flavors from across the country through a rigorous taste test. Exceedingly tough as it was, being able to bring you the mind-bendingly awesome, subtly delicious, and wildly bizarre is well worth the ordeal.

adirondack creamery ice cream!Mint to Be
A light went on after tasting Adirondack Creamery’s WhiteFace Mint Chip ($65 for four pints). The intensely pure, clean snap makes us feel sorry for our former green mint-eating selves.

delicieuse beer sorbet!A Really Cold One
Delicieuse’s Beer Sorbet ($8) sounds genius, but opinions are split. Consensus: It tastes exactly like a bottle of suds left too long in the freezer. Your call whether that’s good or bad.

ruby jewel ice cream sammies!Better than Childhood
Ruby Jewel’s perfect Chub mini ice cream sandwiches ($55 for 20) elevate the form; creamy vanilla bean smushed between under-baked choco chip cookies tug on all our childhood summertime memories.
nice cream chocolate and sweet basil ice cream!Excellent, Party Time
Nice Cream’s Chocolate and Sweet Basil ($8) is like a mullet in sweet frozen form: solid, luscious chocolate in front, hot and spicy basil out back, awesome all around.

silver moon pomegranate martini sorbet!Un-Kid Friendly
Silver Moon’s Pomegranate Martini sorbet ($8) is armed with a refreshing texture, spiked with two kinds of booze, and sure to leave you feeling light (but not light headed). Win-win!

Our freezer is stocked; to read about the rest of the flavorful contenders (avocado, Capraccino, and goat cheese included), go to ShopTalk.

And check out our gallery of all the goods you need for your next ice cream social.