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Italian Gelato and Sorbets Arrive in Portobello

Dri Dri Gelateria Opens

dri dri gelateria opens!

Need an excuse to eat ice cream? (Really?) Head to Dri Dri, the new gelateria opening this afternoon on Portobello Road, and you’ll find eight delicious ones.

1. Traditional Italian ice cream is made on-site using fresh ingredients (organic milk from local farms, lemons from Sorrento, liquorice from Calabria, Comice pears and Granny Smith apples from France, handpicked mandarins from Spain).

2. No artificial flavouring, colouring, emulsifiers, unnatural thickeners or other long words.

3. Flavours include Sicilian pistachio, stracciatella with dark chocolate chips, yoghurt, biscotto (artisanal cookies from Lugano), custard cream (free-range egg and Sorrento lemon peel).

4. Sorbets (pink grapefruit, strawberry, raspberry, cherry) have zero per cent fat.

5. Specialties such as affogato (espresso served over a scoop of vanilla gelato), brioche with gelato and frappes are available at the coffee bar.

6. Perch at a window seat with a view of the bustling Portobello Market or take away a half- or one-liter container.

7. Dri Dri opens today after 1 p.m. and will be giving away free tasters of gelato and sorbet while stocks last.

8. Owner Adriano di Petrillo (Dri Dri for short) is a dashing Italian man. Oh, and he graduated from Harvard Business School. Race you there.

Dri Dri, 189 Portobello Road, W11 2ED (dridrigelato.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Dri Dri

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