How to Avoid a Sippy Problem

eio sippy cup!

Transitioning to a sippy is a serious accomplishment. The kind of occasion you may find yourself toasting — with a leak-proof cup, of course.

Here are three new BPA-free sippy and training cups we’d raise a glass to.

EIO Kids Cup
How it works:
A slanted screw-on top and easy-to-grip silicone sleeve transform an old-fashioned canning jar (8 ounces) into a spill-resistant training cup. Plus, it teaches kids to drink from a real glass by requiring that they tip the container — not their heads.
How it washes: No valves or spouts make hand-washing easy. Lazy? Ours has survived the past two months in the dishwasher with nary a blemish.
What it costs: $15 at thesoftlanding.com.

mam training cups!MAM Learn-to-Drink Cups
How it works:
The cups transition from handles to cutouts, training little hands to hold a cup. Spouts get progressively harder, so little mouths learn to sip instead of suck.
How it washes: Each cup has four pieces (a cup, a spout, an interior fitting for the spout, and a valve), so you have to break it down to clean it — a bit tedious but not the end of the world.
What it costs: $6 at amazon.com.

tilty cup!Tilty Cup
How it works:
The ergonomic design keeps liquid at an angle, so tots don’t have to tilt their heads back to enjoy every last drop. New lids, including a travel top (with no holes), a smoothie top (for thicker consistencies), and a slow-flow top (for beginners), make the cup a cross-trainer.
How it washes: If you wash by hand, the mouthpiece opening is big enough to clean with a sponge. No special brushes needed.
What it costs: $7 for a two-pack of the original cup and lid; $3 for a two-pack of specialty lids; at store.tiltycup.com.

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Photo: Courtesy of EIO; Courtesy of MAM: Courtesy of Tilty; Courtesy of Little Twig

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