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StreetWars Brings Its Water Assasin Game to London

streetwars london!

Being stuck in London for the summer is bad enough, but the torture of seeing other people’s sunny vacation photos on Facebook, well, that’s just spiteful.

Take your aggression out with StreetWars — a three-week, citywide water assassination tournament starting on 2 August.

The rules are simple: register by Saturday (on your own or as a group) and then pick up an envelope with the name, contact details and photo of your target. Your mission is to track that person down (a better use for Facebook) and use a water weapon — gun, balloon or Super Soaker — to drench him or her. Safe zones include bars, public transport and your office.

Once you complete the mission, your victim’s target becomes your next mark. Further complicating things: you must avoid being ‘killed’ by your assailant in the process. The last team or person standing wins enough cash to take a real holiday.

For more information and to register, go to streetwars.net, £40.

Photo: The_Magician / Flickr