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Enough with the wilted lettuce wraps and sad ham sandwiches. We asked dinner party planner extraordinaire Tamara Reynolds for quick, simple, and delicious picnic recipes. Click the picture next to each description to see how it’s done.

watermelon feta salad!Watermelon Feta Salad
What would an alfresco fete be without sweet, juicy melon? Add tangy feta, and you’re everyone’s hero.
salty potatoes!Salty Potatoes
It’s not the prettiest finger food, but it’s a universal picnic-pleaser. They’re like nonfried French fries.
cucumber salad!Mom’s Cucumber Salad
Nothing cools the senses like crisp cukes. We made this recipe with low-fat sour cream, and it still tasted delish.
boozy figs and peaches!Boozy Figs and Peaches
Who says you can’t drink in the park? Immerse figs and peaches in rum, and you’ll be all the wiser.

For more easy-as-pie ideas, buy Reynolds’s book online at amazon.com or check out her blog. Special thanks to Cooking by the Book for lending us the kitchen space you see in today’s videos.

Photo: uberculture / Flickr


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