Borrow from, Lend to and Share with Your Neighbours

Streetbank Community Project Launches

streetbank community project!

Loving thy tap-dancing, party-hosting, insomniac neighbours isn’t always easy.

But Streetbank — the new online community project that allows you to borrow from, lend to and share with other Londoners — makes a case for the oldie-but-goodie beatitude.

Like a cross between Gumtree and low-tech community bulletin boards, the site invites you to enter your name and postcode, then list something you are prepared to lend or give away. Once you’re registered, you can see what people within a 1,000-yard radius are offering (everything from the services of a retired gardener to a bread machine to a fail-safe gluten-free cake recipe). No money is exchanged: everything is either borrowed and returned or given away for free.

After something specific — say, help moving a heavy sofa? Post a request and hope your neighbours hop to it. It’s economical, encourages sustainability and may get you a new friend or two. If not a party invitation.

For more information and to sign up, go to streetbank.com.

Photo: Gibson Claire McGuire Regester / Flickr