How to Host an Easy, Breezy Summer Bash

Impress your guests with a few fiesta must-haves.

tim love wild game rub!Rub It In
A sprinkle of Texas chef Tim Love’s magical wild game rub ($8) on pretty much anything (chicken, steak, veggies, old cowboy hat?) makes it taste like you know your way around the grill.
michoacan handpainted plates!Platter Yourself
When it’s this hot, it’s not what you serve, it’s how you serve it. Even hot dogs or store-bought desserts seem special and elegant when presented on L’Aviva Home’s painted Michoacán platter ($115).
uni-corn corn holders!Get Corny
Yes. Do it. Offer your guests colorful, mystical-but-dishwasher-safe unicorn corn holders ($7 for 4 sets) and watch your party take a turn for the awesome. Bonus: clean hands.
tapas serving set!Instant Apps
Spaniards have long known the secret to stress-free hosting: tapas. Charming dishes ($38 for a set of four) from Sagaform transform olives and almonds into official appetizers. Just add toothpicks.
the boozy baker!Tipsy Finish
Thank you, science, for combining nightcaps and desserts once and for all! End the evening on an extra-high note with a bite from The Boozy Baker: 75 Recipes for Spirited Sweets ($13).

For more cookbooks and kitchen tools, check out ShopTalk. Looking to move your party outside? We’ll show you how.

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