Grow a Garden on Your Wall

Vertical Gardening Ideas from Terrain

how to grow a vertical garden indoors or out!

You’ve fed an army of dinner guests with that pre-seeded veggie mat and amazed visitors with your Windowfarm-ing prowess. Next up on the apartment-friendly planting agenda? Vertical gardens.

Since we first wrote about Woolly Pockets last year in L.A., mounted planters have crept across the country like ivy up a brick wall. In addition to the single pouch, adventurous green thumbs everywhere can now hang Steel Picture Gardens (with a drip pan and catch basin for overflow) and Framed Felt Pockets (mounted on a plastic backboard to prevent seepage).

Once you’ve got the hardware, follow these tips from the experts at Terrain:

1. Choose plants that vary in height and shape: tall grass at the top (sea oats); shorter, bushier plant in the middle (coralbells); something viny at the bottom (Golden Creeping Jenny).

2. Green is nice, but throw in some contrasting colors (chartreuse lady’s mantle or golden bridal wreath spirea with burgundy euphorbia or black mondo grass). Or vary shades within a bold color family like silver or gold (eucalyptus, portulaca, clover-like Molten Lava oxalis).

3. Mix leaf shapes and textures (glossy, fuzzy, large, narrow, long, rough, or spiny) for a dazzling display.

Containers available online at shopterrain.com, $54-$298. Still not sure how to get started? Flip through these simple step-by-step instructions to see how it’s done.