A Brilliant Engagement Ring Guru

Ring Liaison Molly Clarke Shares Her Tips

tips on finding the perfect engagement ring!

If he likes, he should put a ring on it. But which one? For that, he can turn to gemologist and engagement ring guru Molly Clarke.

Her service, Ring Liaison, coaches dudes through the buying process — and not just the four Cs. She scours the market to reconcile the woman’s taste and the man’s budget, working closely with jewelers (to get more bling for his buck) and anticipating bumps (like secretly finding out her ring size).

Great if you’re a man. But what about the ladies? Some tips:

Hate the ring? Keep the stone; replace the setting. If you really don’t dig it, return it (if you can get a refund). Size is the issue? Upgrade when the dough is doughier.

Love the ring? Get it checked by a jeweler for loose stones every six months. Between professional cleanings, a soak in warm water with mild soap will keep it sparkling. Avoid bleach and chlorine, as they can damage metal.

No ring? You already cohabitate and coparent (a dog). Be prepared: Try on everything (vintage, colored stones, nontraditional cuts). You’ll be surprised what looks good (and bad). Guys are visual, so point out pictures. If that’s too overt, forward him this e-mail, single ladies.

For more information, go to ringliaison.com. Ring-finding rates start at $450.

Photo: Courtesy of BBC

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