Tom Scott

designer tom scott fashion week spring 2011!

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Tom Scott does not knit granny sweaters. Though the New Yorker learned the handicraft from his grandma, he fine-tuned his skills while designing for Ralph Lauren Collection. Scott produces much more than knitwear: His architectural shapes, avant-garde ideas, and modern fabrications were part of a Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum exhibit and have won him an Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award. Inspiration comes from dismantled vintage garments (the careless stitches of an overdarned sock excite him) and other well-worn Americana. Subtle humor creeps into his work, especially when it comes to presentation: Last spring’s show had girls hanging out in bathtubs and beds at the Chelsea Hotel, and the kitschy Beauty Bar was the setting for fall’s hair-inspired pieces. We asked Scott to fill in the blank.

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