Tame Your Wild House Beast

Just because all pets go to heaven doesn’t mean they can’t live there, too.

old-timey pet portrait!
If These Walls Could Woof
Does your saloon look bare? Send in a photo of your No. 1 pal, and Hot Digital Dog will immortalize him in an old-timey sepia portrait ($50-$99).
dog treats!For a Good Time, Eat
Treat the canine stomach lovingly with all-natural snacks ($10) from Bocce’s Bakery. Our resident top dawgs are partial to the beef bourguignonne.

modern chicken coop!
The Best Laid Eggs
Determined to try urban farming? The cool-looking modern coop ($549-$649) has rain and raccoon protection, a roomy roost, plus easy assembly, egg collection, and cleanup.
boutique pet cabin!
Rustic Getaway
Think of it as a one-room cardboard boutique cabin ($23) for Kitty. Amenities include four decorative ornaments, three playing balls, and one textured carpet. Ferrets, rabbits, and tiny dogs are also welcome.
dog board game!
3.1415926535897932 …
If your pooch seems closer to understanding pi than you are, challenge him with a brainy board game ($60) from Fetch Dog. The locked pieces give way to treats when the codes are cracked.

For more fur-friendly toys, beds, and treats, go to ShopTalk.

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tom ford!
Up to 75% off Swirl
Tom Ford sunglasses command high-fashion attitude with powerful aviator shapes, oversize lenses, and shiny frames — at up to 75% off today on Swirl.