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The Cineroleum Pop-Up Cinema Opens in Clerkenwell

classic movies at the cineroleum pop-up cinema!

Monosyllabic hunks blowing things up. Vampires whinging about everlasting love. Sometimes, it’s nice to go to a movie that’s got some actual substance.

The Cineroleum, a pop-up movie theatre opening today in Clerkenwell, is dedicated to that idea. The 118-seat space has been constructed on the site of a derelict petrol station by a group of fifteen artists, designers and architects (and a few curious neighbours who came by to watch and ended up staying to help). They built it using donated and found materials like the ornate curtain, traditional signage and wooden flip-down seats (we’ll take our own cushion, thanks). Their point: you can do a lot with a derelict petrol station, of which there are 4,000 in London.

In keeping with the 1950s drive-in theme, a mix of American cult classics (The Long Goodbye, Rebel Without a Cause) and European art films (Metropolis, M) will be screened four times a week for one month only. Tickets are just £5, the popcorn comes in paper cones, and there’s pick ’n’ mix, soft drinks and alcohol. Take that, Odeon.

The Cineroleum, 100 Clerkenwell Road, EC1M 4RJ. To book tickets, go to cineroleum.co.uk.

Photo: Courtesy of The Cineroleum

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