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Our Interview with Alexa Chung

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We’ve had a girl crush on model-turned-interviewer-turned-whatever-she-wants Alexa Chung for ages. So we’re using the upcoming launch of her amazing collection for Madewell as an excuse to subject her to the same brilliantly funny questions she’s asked celebrities on her beloved, departed MTV talk show, It’s On with Alexa Chung.

Here’s one you asked the cast of Glee: Let’s say you’re opening a chain restaurant. What will you call it?
A themed restaurant or just a restaurant?

A themed one, obviously.
Well, it’s a shame that Jekyll & Hyde is already taken, because that is really good. Um. I’d really like to do a Spice Girls restaurant. We can call it Spice Up Your Life. It can have Spice Girl memorabilia everywhere and serve curry.

Speaking of Spice Girls, which one would you be?
Definitely Ginger Spice.

You asked Emile Hirsch how he’d describe his smell. So how about yours?
Ha. I don’t know. I wear rose perfume, so maybe I smell like roses.

Now for Lady Gaga, you asked her about what she wears to the grocery store. So how do you dress to go grocery shopping?
I dress like Lady Gaga.

Would you rather lose an eye or gain one?
Oh, that’s from John Mayer. He was cracking me up at the time, and I couldn’t hold it together, because I thought that was the best thing I’d ever heard. As he said, I’d gain one then work an eye patch — a really cool, bedazzled eye patch. Though maybe I can gain one and put it in the back of my head and switch between the three. I’d be like an owl.

And you could cover the third with hair?
And you could see what people were saying about you, literally, behind your back.

This last question is also something you asked John Mayer. And it’s our favorite question ever.
It’s about the hairline, isn’t it?

Yes! Would you rather have a receding hairline or a — if this is a word — proceeding hairline?
Oh, man. I don’t know, because neither is particularly attractive on a lady. I mean, if you’re a guy, you can just kind of have a receding one, and it’s fine. Or a proceeding one, and it can be like a beard. But I’m a lady. No facial furniture’s okay really, right? So I guess I’d have a receding one, and I can cover it with wigs.

We like that answer.
Well, I don’t want to be bothered with shaving every day. I can’t even bother with shaving every day now, so if it were on my face, it’d be a real nightmare. There’d be a lot going on.

Finally, is there anything you wish we’d asked?
If you die tomorrow, would you be happy with everything you’ve accomplished so far?

That’s a good one. So what’s the answer?
You’re quite deep. Well. It’s aiiight.

For more delightful insight into the world of Chung (her Madewell collection, fave foods, and whose closet she wants to raid), click to the DailyCandy Dossier. Visit regularly during Fashion Week for the chance to win one of the great makeup bags from the collection, launching September 9 online at madewell.com. Still want more? Check out our gallery of her original sketches.

Photo: Thomas Giddings

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