Paper Planes for Grown-Ups

Helen Musselwhite's Sculptures and Framed Artwork

paper sculptures and framed wall art!

From Johnny Depp’s propensity to carve up hedges to the amazing new hair stylist who transformed your look, you’ve come to realize that scissors, in the right hands, are pretty powerful instruments.

Case in point: Helen Musselwhite, who creates beautiful sculptures and artwork for your walls using nothing but paper, a scalpel, and a good set of blades in her studio up north. Using patterned and metallic paper, or subtly textured sheets from Japan, she creates wonderlands by layering, scoring, slicing and then boxing them in pretty frames or Victorian glass domes.

She’ll make an owl that winks from the branches of a big oak tree, sparrows kissing on garden fences or tiny butterflies balancing on flower petals.

Musselwhite’s midcentury design love shows in ’60s pastels layered with darker arts and crafts colours, and heavy black-edged florals contrasting with wispy, curling fronds. If you haven’t been out of the city as much as you’d like this summer, escape into her landscapes.

Available online at thesecretarcade.com, £40-£800.

Photo: Courtesy of Helen Musselwhite