Dazed and Confused

fall trends guys just don't understand!

At DailyCandy, we have one lone male editor, Dan. (You may have met him already.) He’s creative and open-minded but also sometimes baffled. We asked for his take on some top fall trends.

fall trends guys don’t understand!Military Style
“No one should wear camouflage unless they are hiding in the woods. And sharp edges and big gold buttons can be very intimidating.”
fall trends guys just don’t understand!Denim with Denim
“Certain materials are meant for certain things. Denim is for jeans. You wouldn’t wear a leather shirt, would you? Oh, leather shirts are in for fall?”
fall trends guys just don’t understand!Dark Eye Shadow
“It’s understandable you want to draw attention to your eyes. They’re very pretty. Which is why you don’t need a raccoon ring to make them stand out.”
fall trends guys don’t understand!Socks with Heels
“I could get used to this. But it really just looks like the AC in your office was turned up too high, and you said, ‘I don’t care how silly I look.’ ”
fall trends guys just don’t understand!High-Waisted Pants
“Generally speaking, shirts shouldn’t do the work of pants, and pants shouldn’t do the work of shirts.”

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