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9 Young Fashion Designers to Know and Love

dailycandy fashion week spring/summer 2011!

New York Fashion Week pounces right after Labor Day. Last week we were moving at lazy-summer half speed. This week, bang! We’re two weather changes ahead, looking at spring 2011.

The shows and all their attendant creative chaos kind of take over the city, with lanky, portfolio-lugging men and women, garment bag-hauling designers, and stressed-out folks with multiple BlackBerrys jaywalking like it’s their job.

We love it. And we’re making more of it. We picked nine great young designers (since supporting up-and-coming talent is what we do) and followed them for months as they created their collections.

Of course, you’ll want to see (read: own) the clothes. So our sister site, Swirl, is stocking a special pop-up shop with five of the designers’ current fall collections. Come back throughout the week as each new name pops up. Spend $250 and earn $50 toward your next purchase, plus free shipping. First up today: Samantha Pleet, she of the leopard-print oxfords.

Meet the designers, their pets, and inspirations online at dailycandy.com. Check out the pop-up shop on swirl.com.