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freekibble letters for pets!

Everything’s in line.

Freekibble Letters for Pets
What: Last call for e-mails to the big O (no, the other one), prompting him to declare a National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day.
Why: President Obama has plenty on his plate; shelter animals often do not. Help even things out.
Where: Online at freekibble.com.

Tracy Anderson’s 30-Day Method
What: The tiny fitness maverick’s debut book ($16) details her superpowered, at-home regimen with clear instructions and explanations of each workout move, a cardio DVD, and a menu plan.
Why: Tons of recipes — she even shares her breakfast quinoa porridge with apple compote exclusively with us.
Where: Online at amazon.com.


What: Full-on retro frame clutches and coin purses ($46-$105) made from vintage printed silks, brocade remnants, two-tone velvet, and bold Liberty cottons.
Why: Your shrink said to shrink the baggage in your life.
Where: Online at etsy.com.

The Geometry of Pasta

What: A highly graphic novel ($17) — black and white illustrated cookbook/Italian pasta almanac — for those who love a saucy (ragu Bolognese, all’arrabbiata, warming red pepper and whiskey) read.
Why: Garganelli, radiatori, spaghettini, veri hungri.
Where: Online at amazon.com.

Cocoon Grid-It Organizer

What: Woven, elastic band tray ($25) streamlines and holds all your stuff (camera, iPod, headphones, etc.) in place. Good for traveling or messy apartments.
Why: Think Spanx for your gadgets.
Where: Online at cocooninnovations.com.

Photo: Allison Hatfield

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