Reinvent the (Colour) Wheel

Bike by Me Customised Bicycles Launch

bike by me custom bikes!

Ideally, you’d like your jeans to make you look super skinny, your morning coffee to be delivered from Claridge’s and your bread to be dead mouse free.

Life isn’t always ideal. But your new bike, from Swedish company Bike by Me, could be. Why? Because using its website, you can design and build your own custom two-wheeler (frame, seat, grip, chain, tires, rims) in a selection of rainbow-bright colours.

Start with the classic fixed-gear bike, then add anything from a bubble gum pink frame to apple green tires and red rims (we’ll stay away from blue, thank you, Boris). Try out thousands of colour combinations on the paint-by-number-style website and while away a boring afternoon in the office.

Can’t decide? Post a link of your design directly to Facebook and let your 2,500 best friends give you their opinions.

The company will ship your creation to you for £434 plus postage. It’s not cheap, but it’s exactly what you want.

Available online at bikebyme.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Bike By Me