E-planning Your Wedding

Websites That'll Get You down the Aisle

postscript brooklyn!

In with the old and in with the new, you’ve got a lot of planning to do.

First Things First
If you’re set on a house of worship but plan to seal the deal outside your hometown, Rent My Church can help you find exactly which wedding bells you’ll ring. Register early and often with Merci Registry’s flexible setup. The pretty site (we love the banner theme) makes requesting gifts experiential (dinners, honeymoon money) and unusual (backyard chicken coop, antique eBay table) classy and simple. TableArt’s new registry is a change of pace when picking china. Make sure people are in the know with affordable letterpress invites from PostScript Brooklyn’s selection of artist and designer collab motifs.

Dressing on the Side
Bring a common thread to mismatching bridesmaid dresses with accessories, like Nelle’s Tuxedo clutches or Designs by Portobello’s feathered headpieces and jewelry. Keep The Laundress for J.Crew wedding kit handy, should overly enthusiastic hugs result in spillage.

kt jean!Black and White
Stand apart from the blur of big-name strapless gowns and rented tuxes with made-to-order attire. Find the romantic, flattering dress you see in your head at Phoenix-based KT Jean; put him in a slim-fitting, tailored tux from New York’s Bonobos. You’ll be even more distinctive in vintage, but we suggest research and even trying an inexpensive tester garment. Look to estate jewelers Doyle & Doyle to find the jewels to match.

Decoration Station
Nix bridal portraits or engagement photos propped on an easel for one of Lori Danelle’s double-fingerprint cutouts. They prevent people from judging how the two of you staged a piggybacked urban graffiti session (true story). Load up on the flowers (have talented friends make arrangements) and retain hipster cred by stringing up large, old-school holiday lights with hand-cut Mexican wedding banners or burlap garlands from Funkyshique. Check out Sophie Cuvelier if you need more visuals.

bananarchy!Meals on Wheels
Foodies and noneaters alike will love it when a food truck pulls up to dish out the main course or post-DJ snacks. Two of our newest favorites include Austin’s Bananarchy (bananas dipped in chocolate or PB and covered with cookie crumbs, coconut flakes, M&M’s, and the like) and Sebastopol’s Fork Catering (farm-to-market fare). Find other trucks here, here, and here.

Sweeten the Deal
Shipping wedding cake is next to impossible, but we were so inspired by D.C.-based Maggie Austin’s creations that we had to share. (Just be sure your local baker has time to practice.) If you’re still looking for mail-friendly treats, Delysia Chocolatier’s chocolate menus are informative, delicious, and double as favors, while Caked Los Angeles proves it takes balls (sweet iced ones on sticks) to break with tradition.

confettisystem!Excellent, Party Time
Gorgeous ceremony aside, the reception is why everyone R.S.V.P.s “yes.” They’ll be glad they did with a ten-man Motown cover band (you’re on your own), cheeky Smilebooth photo sessions, and custom sunglasses favors (look cool on the dance floor — and less hungover in the morning). Ratchet up the festivities with a sparkling geometric pinata and matching streamers by Confettisystem. And bust a move.

engagement rings!
Looking for some sparkle? Browse our gallery of 23 rock-solid engagement rings.