Tiny Pants Clothing for Girls

Outfits That Say, Girl, You'll Be a Woman Not So Soon

tiny pants clothing for girls!

The first time we caught Little Miss Sophisticate picking out her school outfit on a Saturday, we knew we were doomed.

Tiny Pants, a new line inspired by big girl, er, mommy, style is the perfect fashion fix for tots who think a little too long about leggings versus tights.

Now before you say no thanks (which was our first reaction) take a peek at the adorable collection. Comfy jersey pieced leggings that remind us of our riding pants, a fleece hooded scarf with quirky animal ears, a wool motorcycle jacket softened by a girlish ruffle trim.

Plus, the collection comes in playful (read: youthful) colors like watermelon, berry, and lime. Which are all just fancy ways of saying pink, purple, and green.

Available online at tinypantskids.com, $28-$70.

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Photos: Courtesy of Tiny Pants; Courtesy of Paigelauren Baby

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