A DIY Project from Print Club London

Design Your Own T-Shirt

print club london diy tee!

Print Club London opened a stand-alone shop today in East London for members to sell their work and the rest of us to snap up original (and affordable) art. Want a piece of the action? Enroll in the club’s screen-printing workshop for beginners or try it at home with this easy T-shirt DIY.

Silk screen
Water-based ink
Palette knife
Self-adhesive film
Masking tape
White T-shirt

1. Create a design that you can easily cut out with a craft knife (or download and print one of theirs). Trace it onto the self-adhesive film (paper side), cut it out and stick it to the back of the screen, masking off any areas you don’t want the ink to come through.

2. Place the T-shirt on a flat surface and put the screen on top (with the self-adhesive facing the shirt).

3. Blob a tablespoon of ink in a line at the top of the screen and lift the screen slightly off the shirt. Place the squeegee above the ink and lightly pull it down the screen, spreading the ink evenly and thinly. (This is called flooding).

4. Return the squeegee to the top of the screen, but this time lay the screen on the shirt. Hold the squeegee at a 45-degree angle and pull the ink down the screen applying an even, strong pressure.

5. Hold the shirt down with one hand and lift the screen frame away gently to reveal your printed design. Scrape as much ink as you can from the screen with the knife and then wash the screen with water.

6. Let the image on the T-shirt dry. Iron over it for at least one minute using the hottest setting to make it colourfast.

Print Club London Shop, 214 Brick Lane, E1 6SA (020 7749 0750). To sign up for a workshop, go to printclublondon.com.

Need artistic inspiration? Print Club created two designs for DailyCandy readers.

Photo: Courtesy of Print Club London

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