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ricky's nyc!

Happy birthday, Ralph Lauren. Stay classy.

Ricky’s NYC

What: Each October the beauty store convincingly dresses up as a costume, wig, accessory, makeup, and mask emporium. Get in on the action and take 25 percent off all Halloween goods with code CANDY25.
Why: Going as a tipsy version of yourself is fun only three years in a row. Time to bust out those Lady Gaga moves.
Where: Online at


What: Reclaimed Ankole cow’s horn, brass, and aluminum beautifully reworked into carved bangles, butter-colored cuffs, polished rings, and artsy necklaces ($43-$310).
Why: We could see the whole nuevo-ethnic collection on DVF or Jerry Hall circa 1974. That’s a good thing for you and the artisans in Rwanda and Kenya who create the collection.
Where: Online at


What: A just-launched funny and smart news aggregator and blog network that will keep you on the up-and-up with all the memes, politics, arts, viral videos, and more.
Why: You digg/like/#livefor hyper consumption, but work gets in the way of your Internet curatorial skills.
Where: Online at

Ramblers Way Farm

What: Layer ultrafine wool comfort wear ($40-$225), tees, long johns, and hoodies, in good conscience. Each piece is made ethically and sustainably in the U.S. by the Tom’s of Maine family.
Why: There are mathematical equations out there that prove the urge to spend money on quality basics makes cents.
Where: Online at


What: A cute, flat-nosed cardboard pup ($17) can serve as a dry run to ease commitment issues. Each comes with a certificate, food, bones, tags, manual, fashion collars, and plaid bed.
Why: Pugs not drugs. Also, co-op boards, please revise your rules so people can have real dogs. Thanks.
Where: Online at

Photo: Timothy A. Clary / Getty Images

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