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How to Punch Up Your Next Party

Pilgrim Punch Recipe from The Bon Vivants

pilgrim punch recipe!

You learned it in kindergarten: Sharing is caring. So it’s no wonder that giant, artisanal punch bowls are showing up at bars and restaurants all over town (see: Zero Zero, Burritt Room, Rickhouse).

As we await the opening of their bar, Trick Dog, in 2011, here’s a recipe for your next party from cocktail wizards The Bon Vivants, otherwise known as Scott Baird and Josh Harris.

Pilgrim Punch
Makes one punch bowl

750 ml Plymouth Gin
1½ c. white port
1½ c. chamomile tea
1½ c. white cranberry juice
1½ c. fresh lemon juice
1 ½ c. rich simple syrup*
1½ oz. whiskey barrel-aged bitters
Frozen cranberries

1. Make an ice block by freezing a plastic container full of water.

2. Combine all ingredients in a large punch bowl. Add the block of ice so that the punch dilutes slowly and evenly.

3. Float handfuls of frozen cranberries in the punch (as pictured).

*To make a rich simple syrup, combine 4 cups of organic cane sugar and 2 cups of water. Stir until the sugar evaporates over low heat, and then bring to a boil for a few minutes. Let cool and thicken.

Photo: Courtesy of The Bon Vivants

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