Whine Not?

generation x!

The busy holiday season can be an emotional ride of highs and lows. When shit happens, revel in this moody playlist (just once), then get your act together.

Dancing with Myself,” by Generation X
(In front of the mirror. Like a spaz.)

In Ruins,” by Fol Chen
(Anyone see that Weeds ep? Just sayin’.)

Undertow,” by Warpaint
(You got caught in it.)

A Lack of Color,” by Death Cab for Cutie
(A little rouge will do the trick.)

Maybe Tomorrow,” by Stereophonics
(Procrastinate much?)

Knife,” by Grizzly Bear
(Let’s not plunge and twist.)

Winter Bones,” by Stars
(A flannel-pj’s-and-hot-cocoa kind of day.)

No Surprises,” by Radiohead
(Someone needs a happy pill.)

Lemonworld,” by The National
(Make lemonade.)

Woe Is Me,” by The Walkmen
(Wah times three.)

Better Times,” by Beach House
(Those are coming soon.)

If You’re Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough,” by Karen O
(Sing it loud and proud.)

Photo: Wikipedia