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Have Your People Call My People

cards for your kids!

In our bar-hopping days, writing a phone number on a napkin wreaked of desperation. But now, as we fumble for a way to say “playdate?” without sounding too eager, we get it.

Next time you find yourself circling the moms at preschool pickup, make the first move with a custom calling card from Cards for Your Kids. It has all the playdate essentials: Mom’s and Dad’s phone numbers, allergy or medical info, the babysitter’s digits, and even a personalized Gmail account for your tot (set up by the team at CFYK).

Cards for Your Kids isn’t the first company to make kiddie calling cards, but we think it’s doing it best. The designs are smart, kid-friendly, and palatable for adults. Plus, the options are endless: two paper weights, 27 shades of paper, 156 images, and 59 water-based inks. Or have an artist there create a custom card — one that has a ring to it.

Available online at cardsforyourkids.com.

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Photos: Courtesy of Cards for Your Kids; Courtesy of Little Partners

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