11 Winter Beauty Tips

Tried-and-Tested Skin Care for Cold-Weather Survival

tried-and-tested skin care for winter survival!

Cold outside, hot (and dry) inside. It’s a recipe for skin disaster. Here’s help.

Dry? Bee Yummy Skin Food (£30), made from organic raw honey and bee pollen, works wonders on anything from blemishes to scars to chapped skin. The Organic Pharmacy Double Rose Ultra cream (£44) is an old favourite for a dehydrated winter complexion.

Dull? Deflake nicely with the help of SPC complexion scrub (£29), made from kiwi (seeds included), walnut, pomegranate, pineapple and crispy seaweed. Follow with Apot.Care, the new dermocosmetic range from France (£38-£160), packed with active ingredients to give tired skin sparkle.

cor soap!

Problem skin? Cor soap (pictured right, £15-£100) works as a natural antibacterial agent to help with clogged pores; its silver foam exfoliates and brightens. QMS Medi Cosmetics Liquide Proteins (£107), created by an Austrian plastic surgeon, helps strengthen skin and protect from free radicals. Use it under or instead of moisturiser.

Weary? Soak in Dead Sea bath salts (£5) and feel like you’ve just taken a dip in the ocean (it works wonders on a hangover). Then smother yourself in Ole Henriksen African tea self-heating body souffle (£60) — the perfect remedy for sore muscles.

pommade divine!

Chapped? Pommade Divine (pictured left, £12-£17) is a multipurpose balm made with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and arachis oil. Use it on anything from chapped lips to bruises. Or opt for Lanolips 101 ointment (£11), an Australian medical-grade lip care that just arrived in the UK.

Need a little something extra? Sprayology water-based homeopathic and vitamin sprays (£20) keep winter ailments at bay: we love Body Balance for adrenal gland exhaustion and SleepEase — because sometimes all you really need is your beauty sleep.

Photos: Getty Images; Courtesy of Cor; Courtesy of Pommade Devine