Kind Buds

of a kind!

Two of our favorite species of online shopper: the “mayonnaise-slicked fingers made me do it” lunchtime impulse buyer and the indecisive “if I keep this in my cart all day, it will surely get cheaper” hoarder.

What’s our type? Of a Kind, the just-launched webshop supporting independent designers.

Founders Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur act like your fashion-obsessed besties, introducing up-and-comers through intimate editorials. And each week they unveil one limited-edition item (50 or fewer are produced) created just for them by these visionaries.

Get acquainted with Mandy Coon, a New Yorker whose current inspirations include jellyfish and anatomy and whose insanely cute velvet-flecked tweed rabbit bag’s days are numbered (there are only 30 in existence).

Today the lovely twins behind Lizzie Fortunato jewels release the stunning crystal fringe necklace pictured above — a mere 25 are up for grabs. So no matter your buying style, you need to be quick on the trigger.

Available online at ofakind.com.

Photo: Jamie Beck