Now Whip It

a playlist for cooking in the kitchen!

Whether you’re preparing an elaborate dinner party spread or baking Toll House for one, these songs will keep the kitchen warm and your culinary spirits high.

1234,” by Feist
(You play by the cookbook.)

Coquet Coquette,” by Of Montreal
(Croquette, croquette.)

Milkshake,” by Kelis
(Fun to make, more fun to sip.)

Bananeira,” by Bebel Gilberto
(Chiquita banana.)

Gone Sugaring,” by Mirah
(Sugar and spice and everything nice.)

Fire It Up,” by Modest Mouse
(Heavy-handed with the chili powder.)

Milk and Cereal,” by G. Love & Special Sauce
(You never said you were Betty Crocker.)

Le Pain Perdu,” by Cibo Matto
(C’est si bon.)

Ring of Fire,” by Johnny Cash
(A blowtorch and crème brulee.)

In the Dirt,” by S. Carey
(Farm to table.)

Photo: Getty Images